Minion Hot rod Car

  • The Minions Hot Rod Car is one of the best entertainment toys which features different sounds and an amazing design. It moves along the path you have guided.

  • Get Minion Hot rod Car from Toyzoona! Order for this product and have it delivered right at your doorstep.


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  • > Touch the key logo of the car body can make Dave/Stuart sound.Every time you touch this logo,the hot rod will change what it say.
  • > Minions hot rod is equipped with cool headlights and you can see it in the dark!
  • > Touch the black logo on the back of the car to start the engine,the engine unit began to vibrate violently, while the headlights illuminate and the four wheels begin to rotate.
  • > Touch the horn logo on the right side of the car body,Minions hot rod will Keep honking.
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