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  • RC battle robot KEYE toys universe chariot kt701 is a new robot on wheels, fighting machine, which is perfect for RC battles. Combat robots are new high-tech toys for children and adults. In this version, the robot is mounted on the chassis and has four wheels. Due to the wheels, the combat machine turned out to be quick and quick, which will help you dodge the enemy's shots. The model is able to move in all directions, the robot raises and drops the gun from the control panel, and for the accuracy of guidance, the infrared sight is responsible. The robot shoots plastic discs, located in a special clip with automatic charging of the combat gun.
  • On the robot is the armor, which falls off when entering it, and after three successful hits in the robot, he's out of order. In order to return to the game you need to restart the fighting machine. The model has LED lighting with indication of your life, which will inform you how many hits remain until your robot is disabled. Rear wheel drives allow you to move in all directions and make 360 ° turns.
  • For a smoother ride, the robot is equipped with shock absorbers. And for even more realistic gameplay, the robot is equipped with sound effects. You will be able to arrange team competitions with friends with the participation of different models of such combat cars. Combat Cars universe chariot from KEYE toys-a great occasion to have a good time and have fun! In the kit you will find everything you need for the game, including discs for shooting, will only buy batteries and you can go to battle.
  • Features:
  • Shoots disks
  • Equipped with LED lights and sound effects
  • Have armor
  • The height of the gun is adjusted vertically from the center of the machine
  • Moves in any direction, forward, backward, 360 ° turns
  • LED headlight indicators indicate how much life left
  • Controlled by 2.4g remote control
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