Amphibious Stunt Car Blue

  • > TMH Flexpak battery and charger not included.
  • > Special corkscrew design allows it to churn straight through even the toughest terrains while also allowing it to glide quickly sideways.
  • > It is water tight for aquatic driving.
  • > Transmitter has been designed for easy manoeuvring in all directions.
  • > Conquers almost any surface: grass, sand, pavement, water and even snow can't stop Terrain Twister.

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  • Futuristic looking, sleekly designed vehicle that can handle any sort of terrain you put it through! Snow, grass, mud, water, rough, flat, indoor, outdoor, or anywhere in between this RC can go right through it! The twin corkscrew pontoons drive over anything and everything. They even churn water making this creature right at home off land or on. With the controller's innovative directional pad you can create tons of combination trick manoeuvres on land or water and the instruction booklet illustrates how to do them.
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